About Us

In the year 2003, e-DSS group was incorporated with activities in the field of IT & ITES and later diversified into Distribution Network, Biological Vector Control, Construction; Reverse Engineering, ReStructural Engineering, Foundation Reinforcement Engineering, ReAlignment Engineering, Lifting & Shifting Engineering and lately into Vertical Parking; Patented Technologies for Robot Assisted Automated/Manual Parking Solutions for Space Optimization. Our construction division; Engineering-Designs & Structural Stabilizations have kept in our mind the need to “Protect Our Environment” because the construction of a new building is done by extensive quarrying resulting in heavy loss of biodiversity; plants and aquatic habitats are destroyed moreover adjacent ecosystems are also affected by noise, dust, pollution, contaminated water, etc.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company adhering to the Global Quality Standards with a vision to Protect our Environment. Currently we are operating pan India and looking forward to operate beyond the boundaries of India.

Our Core Values

Who We Are

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and since our group’s incorporation in 2003, we have been actively involved in devising solutions for the prevailing burning issues of the society keeping “Protecting our Environment” in mind.

Our R&D team has developed and is still in the process of developing innovative technologies to counter the problems faced.

Our Team comprises of Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Biologists, Technicians, etc.

The Core Strength of our Team is their relentless Commitment and Dedication.

We always adhere to our commitment to the Mankind and the Environment.

What We Do

We use the latest technologies in Lifting, Leveling/Aligning, Shifting, ReStructuring & ReInforcement of buildings keeping in mind the importance of protecting our environment. A combination of Reverse Engineering and Value Engineering is utilized in redesigning the structure and in the rectification of inappropriate beams and columns. This methodology helps in preserving the building rather than demolishing it. All our services come with guaranteed life time warranty. Our experience and track record as a building lifter/shifter and aligner will ensure that your house, building, historical structure or machinery will be lifted or shifted damage free to your new site.

In order to counter the “Parking” problems which is a major concern in all major cities globally, “Vertical Parking” was introduced by e-DSS keeping in mind; Space Optimization. This technology help us to utilize maximum parking in minimum space. We can park vertically above the ground, below the ground and even under existing building. Robot Assisted Automated Parking and Manual Parking can be provided according to the client’s requirement and allocated budget.

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